Friday, June 7, 2013

A winner and shoes

The randomly selected winner for the Bastille Day 5 & 8k is... 

Congrats Sara
Excited that you are healthy and racing again!
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Thank you everyone for entering.

Race day for the Allstate 13.1 Chicago is less than 24 hours away, and I'm in the midst of a shoe dilemma. Lately, I've been wearing a lot of different shoes running. While the Brooks Ravenna's have been my favorite training shoe for a few years now, I'm trying a lot of different things on the feet lately just because. Honestly, working at a running store has peaked my interest in shoes now more than ever and my closet is having a difficult time keeping up.

The Brooks Cadence and Asics Cumulus 15's have pretty much stolen my heart.

Brooks Cadence, Adidas Adios circa early 2012, and the Asics Cumulus
While I've always loved the way that the Adidas Adios feel on my feet, they don't tend to work for me in distances over an 8k. My feet start to get that hot-burning sensation and sometimes even a bit sore, like after running 13.1 miles on concrete at this race.

Back in March I wore the Cadence in a half on the lakefront, where I think they felt okay. Hard to remember since I was racing extremely distracted and had quite possibly the worst attitude in any race I've ever ran. Been sporting the cadence on several speed workouts and longer runs where I always seem to feel light on my feel and like my turnover is a lot smoother than normal. Could be all in my head, or it could be the lower heel profile and beveled heel.

BUT, those Asics Cumulus are just awesome. Kind of a heavier shoe, and just a standard trainer, not exactly the most ideal shoe for racing. Just can't get over how soft they feel on my feet, and how they just fit "right". Been doing the bulk of my training in this shoe lately and I don't usually want to take it off when I get home. Seriously, if you haven't had the chance to try this model on with the updates they've made this year...RUN, don't walk to your local running store and give them a go. This shoe is seriously awesome.

And thus, the dilemma...

Staying downtown all weekend and don't have space to be taking my entire closets worth of shoes with me. Pretty sure that whatever I pack this morning I'll most likely be regretting by this evening when I can't change anything about it.

Half marathon footwear, what do you wear?


  1. I'm in Saucony guide but I'm sort of looking to try something new also. I have no problems with the saucony other than it's a support shoe (which I need) and I wish I could go neutral (but I can't). #runnerploblems

  2. I wear Wave Creations. The same thing I wear for marathons. I tried a lighter shoe in a half (Wave Precision) but my feet weren't thrilled by mile 10 or so.
    Good luck and have fun! Looks like it'll be cooler than usual. :D

  3. I've gotten lighter and lighter/lower and lower for my longer races. I am now up to half marathons in the Brooks Pure Drfit, which is their lowest profile shoe. I love it--feels like wearing nothing at all on my feet. I'd say if you have run that distance in training in the Cadence, try it in a race.

  4. I'm an Asics girl when it comes to mid- or long-distance races. I wear the Asics Gel Cumulus 13s for any races that are 15K or longer and love them. I'm on my second pair of them right now. So I vote Asics!!!

  5. I don't have any racing flats, I wear my trainers (been on New Balance 890v2&3) and I love them. I am very jealous of your collection!

  6. I'm planning on wearing my beloved Asics for tomorrow's race, but my dilemma is what to wear clothing-wise. It's supposed to be fairly nice 55 degrees (7am)- 62 degrees (9am), but that's kind of an in-between temperature for me for whether or not I wear sleeves. What are you planning?

  7. I wear the Cumulus myself. I don't have the 15s yet, but went through 4 pairs of the 13s and am on my 2nd of the 14s (I tend to buy at expos when the previous model is on sale!) but I LOVE them.

  8. I'm a Brooks girl all the way and am so grateful they came out with the Pure Project.

    GOOD LUCK this weekend!

  9. I used to be ONLY a Saucony girl, but now I am trying something new. Not sure of my input on it yet. We went to the Thursday night run last night. V did 3 miles. He bonded again with Mike. If it wasn't for Mike, I am not so sure V would want to go run. What a great person.

  10. YAY, thank you Britt! I'm really excited for this race. Are you running it?

  11. Once I tried Kinvaras, there was just no going back. :)

  12. What did you end up wearing? I LOVE the Cumulus. Excited to see the 15s are out! They are sexy! And this means I can start to stock up on 14s at a discounted price ;)

  13. i'm also a Kinvara fan and i agree, once you go Kinvara, there's nothing else. i bought some merrell road gloves to try some barefoot running. didn't do anything for my pace at all, just made me feel really low to the ground. kinvaras are 4mm as the road gloves are 0.

    1. road gloves aren't enough for me, legs for sure can't handle that! i suppose i'm the exception, i don't really like the kinvaras for running. maybe i haven't given them enough of a chance, but they just feel stiff to me. the virratas are pretty awesome, but again with the heel drop. at least those are pretty cushioned. they are my casual shoe of choice!