Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Half Marathon Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who expressed interest in running the Chicago Half on September 8th.

I've enjoyed reading all your comments and stories about your favorite medals. Sounds like there are some pretty cool races out there that have some very unique and interesting hardware.

Without further ado, the winner is...

Congrats beautiful lady!
Very excited for you!

Kelly's comment, and her story, are a true testament to the goodwill that exists in others as well as the robust determination of the human spirit.

Amazing how just when you think there is nothing left and you've reached your breaking point that there is always something hiding inside.

Email me at and I'll get you all set up with your entry. You'll have until July 2nd to claim your entry.

Registration for this race is still open, but a price increase will happen June 27th at midnight. If you're still interested in running, get on over and sign up for this amazingly fun race ASAP!


  1. congrats Kelly! what an inspiration! wow to run in btw chemo treatments! she's a rockstar!

  2. Wow! Congratulations Kelly. That made me cry.

  3. What a wonderful story! So glad the free entry went to someone who really deserves it. Enjoy the race, Kelly!

  4. YAY! Thank you all so much for your kind words! And thank you Britt! Definitely excited!!! I have never ran a race in Chicago - hope I do Chicago Runner Girl proud!