Thursday, July 11, 2013

It'll all unfold as it should

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."
Oscar Wilde

Oh sweet, sweet running.
What a wavering constant in my life these days.
Always there, just in different forms.

There has been no purpose or focus, no plan or logic, just movement that at times hasn't even been forward. Two steps ahead to get 5 steps back. This has now become my way. One day at a time with no clear ending point.

I'm no where further along to PRing in the half than I was 12+ months ago. Just in the same stale position, almost like jogging in place at a stop light. But it feels different. A HEALTHY, relaxed, calm kind of different.
Heavy stress on the HEALTHY party.

Life isn't stopping for running, rather it's the other way around. Still not entirely balanced, but forging on with an abnormal non-focused-focus. Races, workouts, and mileage all taking backseat to vacations, lobster boils, and summertime tranquility. Commitment is no more than a daily vow to create the best day possible with what lay in front of me, which most days is a losing battle.

Somehow when running isn't the driving force in life, things still get done and progress can still happen; a stunning revelation that has taken me way too long to understand.

this ain't no sham
I am what I am
I leave no time
for a cynic's mind

My head is clear, and my legs are concentrated on a steady control of taking on only as much power as they can actually functionally possess. There is always a time for fluffy dreams and mammoth sized goals, my problem is simply realizing when that time is and isn't. 

For that 5k tonight, I've got no goal or agenda. Simply to just enjoy being fast, where fast has no specific definition because speed is all relative. Sure a PR or another win would be nice, but at this point I just want to embrace the fact that my running legs feel more together than they have in ages.
Attached and in control like they should be.


  1. Love love love the photo collage!!

    Kick ass out there tonight lady!

  2. I like part =Simply to just enjoy being fast, where fast has no specific definition= the best.
    Reminds me of my dad in his last month of lucidity. He would take a nap and restart his day at that point. I would say, dad.. it is 2pm, not 5am. It isn't time to have breakfast and feed the dog again. He would reply - Time is all relative Declan.
    While not a direct relation to what you said, your feelings on an event and being is relative to what you want it to be.
    Run like the wind!

  3. I sometimes feel the best about the outcome of races where I have no goal at all other than going out and running fast and strong. Good luck on your 5K tonight, I hope it isn't too hot!

  4. I love this, Britt! I think we're in the exact same place with running.. I'm enjoying it, but not putting any pressure on myself. Guess what...I'm not even going to wear my Garmin tonight. I'm just there to have fun! Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Sounds like you are keeping the focus on having fun. That's the best way to PR. Good luck!

  6. Good for you - LOVE Mumford and Sons. :) Happy Summer to you...

  7. Hey I saw you finish the Bastille run last night but didn't get a chance to say hi. Hope your 5K went well. I hear you, I too feel stuck in a rut with training and getting faster. Seems like more miles mean the same times for me. I ran the 8K last night and it kind of went horribly, lol. The course seemed very unorganized having us run on sidewalks and down the Lakefront Path for a lot of it. Dodging other non-racers was not ideal. Then, after I finished I found out my timing chip didn't register! So frustrating...would have had 3rd in my age group if not for that. I don't think I would run the Bastille Day again.