Friday, July 26, 2013

Where it's all going

The unavoidable question that seems to be constantly circling my every move...
where is all this leading?
Life, training, career...what's next?

It's been a solid 12+ months since I've committed and followed through with any type of running/life action plan. Hey, I needed a break for my health and sanity's sake. So I took it.
No shame in that.

Over the course of those 12+ months, I've been lucky enough as a coach to be part of some truly awesome moments for some very remarkable runners. Always patiently watching from the sidelines as joy filled their hearts while the actualization of their goals seemed possible through the fruits of their labors.

There have been triumphs, failures, satisfaction and frustrations, short comings, and unstoppable authentic growth.

Some of the most genuinely raw and real moments I've been privy to witness. 
And it has been wonderful.

This awesome moment captured by the lovely Kim

Makes me feel extremely blessed to meet the people I do and have the one-of-a-kind relationships I do with them. Don't know how I've gotten so lucky.

The past year has been all about my runners.
Their goals. Their workouts. Their dreams. 

Mr. Chicago Runner Girl making his marathon comeback last fall
Who needs their own progress when you get to be a part of someone else's?
So much more meaning behind things when you help cultivate drive and passion in others.

I've intentionally left very little room for myself and instead made it my hearts ambition to become an endless resource for others. I shifted my focus and efforts on this coaching gig while watching it take shape and transform into so many other things, rolling with it even in moments of uncertainty. Spending the past 12+ months seeing where life leads without expectation was something that my soul gravely needed, the road less traveled that I needed to take myself down.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Letting things fall apart was something that needed to happen for me to make way for bigger and better things.
In life. In love. In running.

I'm still piecing things back together, day by day.
After all, life is a process.
And everyday I'm learning to how to keep moving forward.

But, I've started to get that itch again.
You know the one...
quietly stirring inside waiting for the right moment to pop out and create something amazing.

Yeah, that one.

Life has changed so much for me since the beginning of 2012, for which I'm grateful for. Every heartache, every bump in the road, every bruise and tear shed, every moment no matter how much joy or sorrow,  has brought new light and perspective to my heart.

So, with that I'm going to give it a go again.
One last time this fall before I hang up my racing shoes for a bit to shift my efforts over to starting a family with my mister.

This fall, I'll be toeing the line of a few races again for myself. Committing a bit once again to training; only this time around allowing flexibility, a bit more balance, and focusing a heck of a lot more on my overall health and wellness. Training from where I am instead of where I want to be.

September 8th will be the day I toe the line of the Chicago Half Marathon as a training run, knowing that my brother will be among the crowd for his first ever 13.1 mile race the morning after a dear friends wedding.

September 22nd will be the day I run representing Truebar at the Fox Valley Half Marathon.

Yup, I'm a Truebar athlete now.
And, I've got nothing to hide.

It'll all conclude for me on November 10th at the Naperville Marathon. I'll be running in the company of countless friends, the love of my life, and hopefully high five a buttload of family members and compadres as I tromp my way through my very own hometown.

While my heart is eager to move forward and again make progress, I'm not dead set on all or nothing goals. Instead, the fall of 2013 will focus on appreciating life for what it is while cutting ties with the expectation of where it's all leading.

"Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy."
Sarah Ban Breathnach


  1. Congrats on this new phase you are in! I have never heard of Truebar but I will definitely be checking them out!

    1. they are delish. The walnut cappuccino is my personal fav.

  2. What an exciting decision - congrats and best of luck in your training!

  3. I think its admirable you have dedicated so much of your time to the success of others, but I think it is also amazing that you are giving YOURSELF a chance this fall before starting a family. Congrats, you've got this!

  4. how awesome! I will be at the Fox Valley Marathon and doing the half. :) I am so excited you will be running with your brother!

    BTW..I did my 8 miler today at the 14/1 pace..and I am slow but I only walked 7 minutes the whole 8 miles! Thank you for helping me get to this point!

  5. Good luck!!! Hopefully we'll see each other at the Chicago Half!

  6. Sounds like the perfect plan, excited for you!!

  7. There's something really poignant in that time you've given to others in their racing careers eventually coming back to you as you guys look to start a family. You've amassed a group of friends and supporters eager to see you through your own beautiful, emotional, and humorous moments.

    ... ideally over boozy milkshakes. :)

  8. This is so awesome Britt! I know you have the determination and heart to give it your all get your goal. I'm excited to cheer for you along the sidelines. :)

  9. Training from where you are instead of where you want to be= awesome! I am so excited for you! I think when we give ourselves a little more flexibility and take better care of ourselves we do sooo much better and feel so much better!!! I am excited for you. I bet you are a great coach!!! Good luck :)

  10. Best of luck in your races, and your journey on starting a family! Hope to see you at the FVM!

  11. Can't wait to see what's gonna come your way this fall!! Good luck with the training!

  12. That photo still makes me tear up when I see it. So many great memories, not just of the race but the 14 weeks leading up to it. You have a gift for coaching and inspiring people Britt. I'm so excited and happy for you :)

  13. As long as you don't have a significant injury during your training for either marathon - I guarantee that you will PR. Enjoy the training!

  14. Yay! You have such a fun season coming up! I miss our weekly coaching calls! LOL!

    How cool that you are running for Truebar!