Saturday, September 7, 2013

i be racin'

Do you hear that?
Well it's there and it sounds like steady purpose and adventure.

It's been awhile since I've been here, so long that at first I didn't even recognize the hum of my own inner workhorse. But she's there, and she is feeling more powerful than before.

Let's back it up a bit...

Sunday, as in tomorrow, I will be 49 days into training for marathon #8 (or is it #9? arrrgggg, can't recall at this point) and toeing the line again this year of the Chicago Half Marathon. Last years race was bittersweet; no PR, quite a bit of vomit, and breathtaking views of my former hometown (of which wounds still feel very very fresh). Training was sub-par and I still managed to squeeze in just under 1:30, which at that point in time was a success in and of itself. 

Now, I'm 49 days into another marathon adventure that seems to be the exact opposite of everything I experienced last year where I often find myself in disbelief at what is actually going on.

Workouts happen, goal paces are within my reach, and progress is slowly beginning to creep in.

It's an odd feeling, to be successful at something that you've had so much trouble with recently. Part of me wants to dance around my house after returning from a steady run or interval session when I've hit paces without feeling like death, but a bigger part of me just sits waiting quietly in anticipation for the end while staying grounded knowing that at any time the bottom could fall out. It's hard to believe sometimes that 2012 has now become a thing of the past and that 2013 has a different story playing out for me in practically every area of my life. 

The city that I love so much, the discomfort and exhaustion, the lack of's all now just a thing of the past.

Life is moving forward fast and most days I'm just trying to keep up.

Not sure if tomorrow is going to host that half mary PR my heart has been lusting after since early 2012 because I still don't have a plan for the day and have no intentions of changing that in the next 22 hours. This week alone I've already had 2 great workouts, no taper, and have put in about 40 miles. So to say that the expectations are low for a goal time would be an understatement.

Do I think that a PR is in my legs at this point? Yes
Do I think that that day is tomorrow? No

Monday was 6x1 mile repeats in some rather spicy temps
Tuesday was a recovery day
Wednesday hosted 10+ miles for the day with 8 @ GMP
Thursday was a recovery day
Friday was 8 easy with strides

And tonight...
Tonight is one of my girlfriends weddings.

Maybe I'll surprise myself at how I race on little to no sleep while potentially hung-over, but I have a feeling that it may end just like the last half I attempted. And that's okay because I'm saving it all for the Fox Valley Half on 9/22 when I run for Truebar where that race will be worth the wait.

Every. Single. Step.

Here's to hoping tomorrow my breakfast stays down, that I don't have ungodly bags under my eyes, and that tonights shenanigans stay in my memory far longer than any PR ever does.


  1. haha good luck! i had an awful race at the OB half - going in with little training, but used the race to see where i was at physically. will be running the naperville half and dammit i better PR big time on that one!

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. I'm running CHI tomorrow too! Hope to see you at the CHI Running Bloggers pre-race meetup! Good luck!

  4. Good luck at your half! I actually find my best races are the ones where I got little sleep and was busy the day before. I guess it prevents me from putting pressure on myself to do well. Anyway, those are some solid workouts and I'm sure you are ready for a nice PR!

  5. I ran it yesterday as well. I hope you had a great race! You will dominate Fox Valley and Naperville. I'll be running the full at Fox Valley Marathon!!

  6. It was so great to see you and meet Doug at the reception last Friday! I hope you had a fantastic time at your friend's wedding. I can't wait to read your race recap from yesterday. (That humidity was brutal, though, wasn't it? Wow...!)