Monday, October 28, 2013

Google apps S.O.S.

I know others have dealt with this recently, and I'm grasping at straws here hoping someone is still reading this blog and can offer a bit of assistance...

Recently I've been notified by Google that I need to update my Google Apps account. 
In their email, they sent me a link and some instructions on what I need to do.
Awesome, easy-breezy right?


Google Apps sucks and I have wasted countless hours in the past few weeks trying to figure out how the heck to even simply log into my account.

When it should be as simple as either logging into this site, or even simpler by clicking the link they sent me, and just typing in some has been everything but simple.

Instead I am continually greeted by this stupid screen.

Thank you google apps for wasting at least a dozen hours or so in my recent life

Every. Dang. Time.

I've tried a million different things.

Changing my password
Clearing my cookies
Contacting google directly (which is a colossal waste of time btw)

Just curious if anyone has encountered this same issue and has the secret on how to get over the "invalid request" hump. 

I'm having a bit of a technology meltdown here.
Systems overload.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Recoverin' & Workin'

It's been a couple of weeks since the FV Half now where I think I'm recovered.

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally,
This race was exhausting in every way for me.

Post race it's easy to over analyze the day.
Looking at data, thinking about where I could have conserved and pushed, wondering why I mentally started to unravel in the back half, and over thinking how I somehow picked up an extra quarter mile on the course that pretty much sealed the deal on not getting a PR have all crossed my mind.

Funny how I can unexpectedly win a race but still tell myself I could have done better even when I was sore the 4 days afterwards from those 13.35 miles.

But hey, I didn't.
And nothing makes me crazier than playing the "what-if" game.

There have been quite a few moments the week after where I've caught myself saying "I could have/should have run faster", but all that talk means nothing until I can put my money where my mouth is. So lets just lay that to rest right here right now.

I ran a solid race where 6-7 miles I flew solo and came pretty damn close to my PR and somehow won. And I learned that I need to step up my mental game.
Let's just call that a success in and of itself.

The plan for the FV half was to do a mini-taper pre race and train through the week post race. Not the most ideal way to recover, but getting the body used to pushing while fatigued is key here for me and that marathon.

And fatigued I have been.

I've had a few decent workouts in the past several weeks, but I've also had a few that have knocked me on my @$$ a bit causing me to really start reconsidering this whole marathoning thing.

There was terrible 6 mile tempo,
an extra challenging 18 miler,
a solid 3x2 mile at threshold workout,
some marathon paced miles on a rather humid day that didn't feel so comfortable,
and one very steamy 20 miler that hurt like all heck.

All in the past two weeks since Fox Valley, with only 2 days off since the race.
So it would be quite the understatement if I were to say that I'm a wee bit excited for this weeks mini cut-back.

5 weeks out from the Naperville Marathon and I'm still workin' on that 3:05. Marathons are hard for me just like everyone else, and my mind has somehow forgotten the commitment from last time around...probably because I ran that one for fun and didn't take training too seriously. Maybe the day will have me at that 3:05 mark, and maybe it won't. So many uncontrollable factors that all I can do is keep my chin up and continue doing the work needed over the next 33 days.

Thirty three days.
33 days.

Honestly, I miss sitting on the couch with these fur balls when I'm out running.

But, just have to hang on and keep my head in the game for 33 more days then it'll be back to channel surfing and snuggie sharing with my Chicago Runner Fur Babes.