About Me

When I was in 7th grade I joined the track team. I had never run before and I remember my parents saying "you want to join a team where all they do is run?".  Yes for some crazy reason I did. I wasn't fast, and I wasn't the track super star. But somewhere in the past 16 years of my life I have found who I am on the thousands of miles that my legs have carried me through.

Running has brought great things into my life. I met my husband through our mutual interest in the sport, I made some really great friends that share the same values that I hold important in my life, I have learned to challenge myself and continue on when there is a bump in the road, and I have learned to appreciate every opportunity I have and treasure the great people in my life. The challenges that running has brought into my life have changed my outlook on everything.

When I went off to college it was difficult for me to figure out my strengths, and the path ahead of me had no clear direction. But I trudged on vowing to myself to that I was going to finish what I started and try my best to be optimistic about the future. That only lasted for so long for me. When I was 24 years old I found myself going down a career path that I no longer wanted to pursue, really feeling like there were greater things that I should be doing with my life and the gifts that I have.

It was always a running joke in my family as I was in the mist of my culinary studies at Kendall College that I was going to drop out of college and become an aerobics instructor. Funny thing is that while others heard my words as humor at tense moments, this was always my dream and I just did not know how to chase it down.

So here I am, 28 years old and beginning a whole new chapter in my life. Health, fitness, balance, and well being have always be important values in my life and running has always been a constant for me through the past 16 years. As I age I have learned to treasure the gifts that God has blessed me with, and not take for granted any opportunity that may present itself. Sharing my love for running with the world is an adventure that is only just beginning, and I am more then ready for this trip.

As I pursue my dream of sharing my love of wellness and self achievement with others, I am more optimistic then ever about the road ahead. I do not know where I'm going or what the heck I am doing, all I know is that the excitement that I have for the opportunities that lay ahead is enough to carry me through.