Best running shoes for older runners

Age is just a number! But it may not be the case for most of us- especially when our age is more than the distance we run. And judging from the fact that you’re here, you’re probably well aware of the significance of choosing the right pair of running shoes.

For older people, even slight tension can cause health problems. So using the right shoes can avoid such pain and potential complications.

Now, whether you are a professional runner or a casual runner, running as an activity can be refreshing and challenging. And particularly in our case, challenges may appear to be more. But with the abundant types of shoes available, we can always choose the options that eliminate any risk.

But searching for the right pair can be a tedious task. Therefore, to make things easy for you, we have put together the seven best running shoes for older runners.

Best running shoes for older runners:

  1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe
  2. Salomon Women’s Sonic Ra 2 W Running Shoe
  3. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe
  4. Brooks Ghost 11
  5. Skechers Men’s Synergy Power Switch Memory Shoes
  6. PUMA Men’s Speed 600 Fusefit Sneaker
  7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18


ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe- Best for a painless run

One of the most trusted brands- ASICS, brings yet another masterpiece to their shoe line. And this new ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 is here to slay and stay. I tell this from experience because I have high arches, so running was a real challenge until I got a pair of these lifesavers. They have a unique cushioning technology that can make running painless. And now, you can never catch me outside without them on.

The high abrasion rubber outsoles are quite helpful and very durable. They will keep your foot sturdy with a good posture. Adding on, customizing the shoe by replacing the sock liner with your orthotic will make things even more comfortable. Furthermore, the gel cushioning soles are excellent at reducing the shock from the impact on the foot. These midsoles add bounce to every stride and make walking in them a blissful and therapeutic experience- making them suitable for neutral and under pronation.

For a quality shoe that performs par excellence, it is relatively cheap and worth the price. Whether you run on road or uphill and downhill terrains or hit the gym (that’s a flex), these flexible shoes will not disappoint. So, grab your pair and experience running like never before.



Durable and flexible High Abrasion rubber outsoles

Responsive and comfortable gel cushioning midsoles

Removable sock liner

Can fix foot posture

Worth the expense

Safe for uphill and downhill running

Roomy toe box



Not suitable for feet that overpronate


Salomon Women’s Sonic Ra 2 W Running Shoe- Best for smooth transitions

If you’re looking for shoes with smooth transitions, then this Salomon Sonic pair is meant for you. The transition between the taking off and landing of the foot will be seamless; you wouldn’t even notice it. Furthermore, this unique feature will eliminate pain from the aftermath of running.

With engineered synthetic mesh upper, these lightweight shoes fit like a sock. They go up to the ankle and provide good foot support. They have a customizable footbed, which you can easily remove to adjust your orthotics as well. Here, the cushioning midsole is quite firm and thick. Therefore, it is suitable for people whose feet tend to roll inward. To this firmness, the rubber outsole adds flexibility to the shoe.

These shoes have a spacious toe room to avoid congestion. Adding on, they are very breathable. These stability shoes are an ideal support for feet that overpronate. So, if you have a flat arch, quickly get yourself a pair and avoid any future trouble.



Smooth transitions

Stable support with a firm and thick cushion

Allows breathability

Removable footbed

Enough toe room

Perfect fit



It doesn’t have much cushion, therefore not suitable for high arch feet.

It can be a little expensive.


Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe- Best for long-distance running

Making quality shoes since 1898, Saucony is one of the biggest brands known for durable and practical running shoes. And this shoe model, in particular, is extra convenient for older runners like us. With lightweight elements and good arch support, the Cohesion 10 has become a personal favorite for most senior runners who run long distances.


Made from 100% mesh, you will find these shoes super breathable. They provide good support from the side and help in fixing foot posture. With durable and slightly arched midsoles, they are perfect for runners with neutral pronation. They are also therapeutic for people with plantar fasciitis, which is quite common among older runners. Hence, these midsoles are an excellent choice when running long miles. The design and quality of the rubber sole enable smooth running on roads and trails. Plus, with enough toe box and a snug fit, you will have no discomfort.


What makes these shoes even better is their cost. They are surprisingly affordable at low prices. And being a Saucony shoe, it is a guarantee that these shoes will last for a good number of years. So, waste no time and invest in these cheap yet excellent shoes.



Very affordable

Hugs and supports the ankle

Durable and lightweight

Suitable for long-distance running

Spacious toe room



The padding may be a little too firm for a few.


Brooks Ghost 11- Best for a softer landing


The Brooks Ghost series shoes are known for their fluffy soft feel. And from personal experience, I can guarantee the soothing comfort of the Ghost 11 shoe. And I’m not the only one, because interestingly, this pair has won the Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award.

When the heel thumps the ground in a gait cycle, the impact can be tremendous for most of our feet. Therefore, as a senior runner, you are bound to find the segmented DNA LOFT crash pad handy. It softens every landing and makes running effortless. Adding on, you are sure to find the bouncy midsoles excellent at providing neutral support. And they are not too firm and not too soft, providing a perfect balance of comfortability and responsiveness. The smooth and secure fit of the shoe, along with its engineered upper mesh, will correctly hold your feet.

These shoes, along with their large toe box, are suitable for long-distance and road running. The product is a little pricey, but if you’re looking for quality and efficiency, then it’s a good deal. And if you’re someone like me with neutral or high arch feet, then the Ghost 11 is definitely worth your try.



Crash Pad on the outsoles for a smooth landing

The perfect balance of cushioning and firmness

Responsive and durable midsoles

Secure fit



It can be on the expensive side.

Some may find the toe box quite large.


Skechers Men’s Synergy Power Switch Memory Shoes- Best for extra warmth

Nothing can beat the comfort of Skechers. Period. But what if warmth was an additional feature? Exactly- and that is where the Synergy Power Switch Memory shoes come into play. These shoes are exceptionally warm. They will keep your feet cozy and ready to run that extra mile.

The memory foam insoles are responsible for additional warmth and comfort. They also help in the smooth heel-toe transition. Adding on, these Skechers are ideal for neutral and under pronators. The rubber outsole is flexible, and the shoe soles prove to be durable.

When running, you will find these lightweight shoes very convenient. Plus, you can always customize the shoe to your preference by replacing the sock liner with your orthotic. Whether it is summer or winter, as older runners, we must always keep our feet warm to avoid any pain. So, always keep your feet warm with a pair of these shoes.



Extra warmth

Ideal for neutral and under pronators

Lightweight and durable

Customizable insoles



It may look big and puffy from the outside.


PUMA Men’s Speed 600 Fusefit Sneaker- Best for a soft and bouncy feel


Puma is a big brand in the world of footgear. And their Speed 600 Fusefit sneaker lives up to their name. The numeral 600 signifies the amount of cushioning of each shoe. Therefore, prepare yourself because these insoles are going to feel like clouds. And as a senior runner, it is always best to have maximum cushioning soles for an effortless running experience.

The bouncy Eva-based midsole foam comes with better durability and longevity. You can run for miles in these lightweight shoes without feeling pain. The response of the midsole has more energy return. Adding on, the flexible rubber sole of the shoe enhances each stride of the runner. And because of their structure, these neutral shoes are more suitable for neutral or under pronation.

One of the best features you may like about this pair is their customizable fit. With laces extending towards the sides, these shoes are customizable to fit any foot type. So whether you have a narrow foot or a wide foot, the Puma 600 Fusefit is worth trying.



Enhances the runner’s stride

Maximum cushioning support

Customizable fit


Responsive and durable midsoles



It does not have a removable sock liner


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18- Best for maximum support


The Brooks Adrenaline series shoes are every runner’s favorite because they provide maximum support and comfort. And for an older runner, I find the Adrenaline GTS 18 the most supportive. With a plush collar and tongue, the shoe enwraps the feet. It acts as a support for the ankles as well, thereby fixing the leg posture.

The engineered mesh uppers are breathable and fit perfectly. The customizable fit is also secure and flexible. And like every Brooks shoe, even this pair has a segmented crash pad on the outsoles. It helps in the soft landing of the feet and smooth heel-toe transitions. Because of the comfort and stability of these shoes, they are ideal for feet that overpronate.

Despite being flexible, it is advisable to use these shoes only for road running. Avoid using it on uneven terrains. Furthermore, the removable foam insoles will prove to be useful when replacing it with your orthotic. Finally, if you’re looking for the most supportive runners, then the Adrenaline GTS 18 is your best bet.



Supportive and secure

The crash pad helps in a smooth landing.


Removable foam insoles

Breathable and customizable fit



It is a little on the expensive side


As a senior runner, here are some things to consider before purchasing running shoes-


Is stability or cushion shoe better?

For older runners, the cushioning plays a pivotal role. Always opt for heavy cushioning midsoles and lightweight shoes. Hence, cushioning shoes are better than stability shoes. While stability shoes can provide the support you need, they may tend to be quite hard for the feet.


Will the shoes provide leg posture?

Shoes that provide leg posture are essential. Therefore, as a senior runner, always look for shoes that fix or give your leg a proper stance.


Will the orthotics fit?

Most of us have orthotics to wear in certain situations or all the time. So, avoid any hassle by always buying shoes that come with a removable sock liner. This essential feature will help you insert your orthotics without much trouble.



As a senior runner myself, I am meticulous about the running shoes I wear. I took up running to keep a check on the pulse. So, my focus was initially on the distance I ran and not the shoes that took me to such lengths. And that was a big mistake. I almost had to put a complete halt to my running routine. I then learned how important choosing the right footgear was, and I hope you do too.

And as seen from the article, we should also make sure that the shoe is compatible with our foot arch type. Furthermore, we shouldn’t overlook features like midsole and outsoles. And tiny details, such as the sock liner, can also determine whether the shoe is right for you or not.

Making this list of the best running shoes for older people wasn’t easy per se. There are not many professional shoes that target older customers. Therefore, with the help of experience and other reliable sources, we could handpick a few exceptional shoes. Hopefully, you will find your perfect pair within this list.