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Here's my Story:

My name is Maria, I’ve always been passionate about running. Even before I was even aware of it myself I was always running about as a child. However, this didn’t translate into me being a good athlete throughout most of my childhood and teenage years. I never won the races but I wasn’t the slowest or poorest performing athlete on the tracks. 

For most of my teenage running I never took the time to learn this art since it wasn’t what the cool girls or guys were into. But that changed as I grew older and became more independent. More than a decade ago, I started to really get into running as a means of staying fit and maintaining my weight. But my competitive nature took over and I started participating in local 5k and marathon races around my city. 

This change lead to me becoming a Pro runner, Personal Trainer, and Virtual Running Coach. It has truly brought many new developments and friendships that I wouldn’t have had if I ignored my love for running. I met my husband Jason and other like minded runners that contributed to my story. I’ve since gone on to win and take part in many events. And this site documents my journey through it all. 

On the site, you’ll find loads of informative content that will help you in your journey to becoming a great runner. You’ll also find collaborations from other expert runners and actionable training plans for any race you want to take part in. If you want to speed up your own journey, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’m here to help and always available for a quick chat!

Maria Bratton

Runner, Personal Trainer, Mom, Virtual Running Coach and Fitness Advisor.