Best Ankle Braces for Running

Do you want to prevent an ankle injury? Running can be rewarding if you are trying to stay fit. But it comes with a price, which is a leg or ankle sprain.  Ankle braces have been found to significantly decrease the risk of both initial and recurring ankle injuries.

So, if you are hunting for ankle braces that will provide you good support and stability, you are in the right place.

Spraining your ankle while running can lead to permanent injury. Wearing ankle braces may help you to a certain extent to prevent ankle-related injuries. If you have ankle injuries in the past, an ankle brace is ideal for preventing further injuries. They do not just prevent injuries but help recover any sprain by allowing the balance of weight and pressure on your foot. Furthermore, the compression that the braces apply on your foot reduces the swelling around your previous injury.

Finding the right ankle braces at an affordable price may not be as easy as you think, which is why we have put together a compilation of the best ankle braces for running.

Best Ankle Braces for Running:

  1. McDavid Ankle Brace
  2. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer
  3. Aircast Ankle Support Brace
  4. Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve
  5. Bracoo Ankle Support
  6. Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace
  7. Ossur FormFit Ankle Brace
  8. Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

McDavid Ankle Brace

When you think about having both comfort and stability for your ankles, you have to get the McDavid ankle brace for your activities. This ankle brace is lightweight with a promising design that allows snug fitting and protection.

The brace is made from single-layered polyester that offers the stability you need, and the ventilated tongue allows breathability. The figure-six pattern design gives excellent compression to the foot while playing or running.

The straps allow easy adjustment without removing your shoe, and the top strap is ideal for a custom fit. While the material provides enough support to your feet, it might get bulky for proper fit on some shoes.


Great support and stability

Lightweight material

Can easily adjust the straps without removing your shoes

Excellent compression

Ventilated tongues that allow your feet to breathe

Can be worn on both feet


It May be too bulky to fit in some shoes

Not for machine wash or spin dry

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

If you want an ankle brace that gives both mobility and support, the Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the one. Recommended by most trainers and therapists, this brace features a contoured tongue that offers an excellent fit. The material is lightweight and durable.

It fashions a closure with laces that allows you to easily adjust the brace to fit your foot size and shape. The real stability and support come from the figure-8 straps that hold your ankle vertically, preventing any rolling or stress to the joints while walking or running. At the top of the brace, an elastic strap wraps around your ankle to keep the brace in place.

The material of this brace is made of ballistic nylon, making it highly durable and light. It is also breathable, preventing any sweating from causing discomfort while you are in action. However, if you have Achilles injuries, this brace is not recommended for you. Otherwise, this is an ideal support tool for those with weak ankles and flat foot that causes pain around the ankles.


The nylon material makes it lightweight

Highly durable

Lace closure for easy adjustments

Elastic top straps that don’t fall off easily

Breathable fabric that prevents sweating

Can be worn on both right and left foot


Not for Achilles injuries

Easy to tear

Aircast Ankle Support Brace

If you are searching for a support brace that will rehabilitate ankle injuries or post-surgery pains, the Aircast Ankle Brace will be an ideal one for you. This is a therapeutically functional brace that will give ample support and comfort to your aching ankles.

This particular brace incorporates a foam-filled air cell and semi-rigid shell to provide compression, comfort, and support that will manage the balance in your ankles, further preventing sprains. The integral forefoot wraps and anterior talofibular (ATF) cross strap and shin wraps give excellent stabilization.

Putting on the Aircast brace is easy and quick because of the step-in design, which also features an automatic heel adjustment. The unique design makes this ankle brace ideal for athletes who want to stay away from ankle sprains.


The foam-filled air cell technology provides compression that prevents ankles from swelling

Very easy and quick to put on

Durable material

The ATF cross straps give excellent stabilization preventing any unwanted discomforts

Fits both feet


Have a restricted range of motion

Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve

The Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve has a high level of copper content that has a therapeutic effect. This ankle sleeve guarantees the repairing of damaged tissues around the ankles keeping your vital muscles warm. If you are looking for ankle braces that will not just prevent injuries but promote recovery, too, this ankle sleeve is the right one for you.

The material is so light and soft, and you will not feel any discomfort wearing it the whole day. The flexible fabric keeps your ankle’s range of motion, and it does not slip off easily. When it comes to the durability of the material, there is no disappointment whatsoever.

You can easily fit this inside your socks and shoes without any bulky feeling. The universal fit allows you to wear it on both feet. Wear it overnight to wake up with a rehabilitated ankle.


Comfortable to wear underneath shoes and socks

The copper-infused fabric gives therapy to injured muscles

Durable material

Provides excellent support for sore muscles

Can be worn for a prolonged time

Overnight use will help in recovery


Size may not fit everyone

Bracoo Ankle Support

The Bracoo Ankle Support leads in providing adjustable compression to various ankle complications and problems. This breathable ankle support gives optimal ankle and foot support reducing the risks of ankle-related injuries.

The open-heel design allows comfortable wear on both feet, and the adjustable velcro straps accommodate varying sizes. The interior is lined with superior quality neoprene that makes the breathable fabric drawing out perspiration. Neoprene is an excellent thermal insulator, so it keeps the affected area warm, hence improving blood circulation.

The Bracoo Ankle Support is ideal for protecting the tendons and muscles while relieving chronic pain. Besides the premium quality and ease of use, this ankle brace will guarantee extreme comfort and reliability.


Easy to use

Great adjustability

Good value for money

Neoprene material that retains heat

Highly durable



Not suitable for those who have neoprene allergy

Cannot fit arch circumference above 11 inch

Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace

If you are an athlete and searching for your ankles’ best support, the Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace will fit your needs. This is recommended highly for those suffering from acute ankle pain and chronic problems like tendon tears and arthritis. The stability it gives is excellent to manage ankle sprains.

The Footlok strap gives excellent support to the arch and additional protection from ankle-related injuries. The brace has two individual straps that provide stabilization to the rear and midfoot. The material is comfortable, and though it has no laces, the fitting will perfectly align to your ankle. The material is comfortable to wear, durable for a long time, and it is hypoallergenic.

The compression given by this ankle brace boosts blood circulation, which removes toxins from the body. This compression dramatically improves the recovery rate of an injured ankle.


Gives excellent support to the arches

Helps in the recovery of multiple ankle injuries

Material is lightweight and breathable

Easy to wear


Can be a bit pricey

Ossur FormFit Ankle Brace

The Ossur FormFit Ankle Strap is a fully encased brace, providing a secure fit to your foot. This is very effective in preventing the ankle from common problems like inversions and eversions. Its unique hybrid design is a combination of soft ankle support and a rigid ankle stirrup.

The figure-8 strap design has laces and straps that ensure the support of the braces on the ankle. The fabric is slim-fit that is lightweight and less bulky, making it easy to fit underneath shoes and socks. The breathable fabric further promises stretch and softness for comfort for a prolonged time.

The bilateral design allows you to wear this brace on both feet without any discomfort.


Excellent for ankle injury recovery

Fabric is lightweight and less bulky

Breathable material

Easy to lace up

Fits nicely into the arch


Small in size

Hard plastic on the footboard may be uncomfortable

Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

If you are looking for an ankle brace that will provide fast healing, the Mueller Ankle Brace is the right one, as it is made of soft neoprene that soothes aching ankles without taking much time. The construction of this brace provides insulation, which is excellent for preventing fungal infection and promotes better healing of any injury.

The figure-8 straps design provides optimum protection to the ankle using the sturdy sides. The closures are adjustable, allowing you to find the accurate pressure and tension for your feet, keeping the braces from slipping off. It has an open-heel and cross strap design that makes it very easy to put on and take it off.

This fully adjustable brace provides a firm compression, which is ideal for sprained ankle or arthritis problems. The neoprene brand helps in retaining heat in your body while soothing your muscles with warmth.


Gives fast healing to ankle sprains and arthritis problems

Straps don’t slip off easily

Easy to put on and put off

Prevents fungal infection

Soft neoprene blend


Size may not fit larger feet

Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

When you are playing sports, you need ankle braces that give you optimum support with maximum freedom, and Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a breathable fabric that will give you unparalleled support to the ankles while you move around.

The knitted design on the fabric gives a gentle massage to the muscles, while the figure-8 straps ensure compression. This encourages a good deal of blood circulation and stimulation, which reduces the risk of any ankle twists and sprain. This ankle support brace fashions a 3D air knit design that is lightweight and comfortable, ensuring maximum moisture-wicking.

Wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support will give maximum support to the ligaments while protecting your ankle from sprains and twisting.


The knitted design gives maximum support and moisture-wicking

Boost blood circulation


Six-sizes available for ample size options


No open heel

Can be expensive

Factors to Consider Before Buying Ankle Braces

While there are many factors to consider when buying ankle braces, here are some important ones that you cannot ignore.


The right size and material will matter a lot when it comes to the comfort level. See if the material is stretchy enough to give you ample freedom while supporting your muscles. Choose a breathable fabric that ensures good moisture-wicking, which is ideal for keeping away unwanted perspiration.

Choosing the right size is essential. Wearing it tight will restrict movement and circulation, while loose braces will not provide much support that your ankles will need.


The kind of activity you choose will demand certain levels of adjustability of the straps. Some ankle braces come with straps, while some include laces for adjustability, depending on the situation.


This is another crucial factor that often gets ignored. Every brace doesn’t need to have the same kind of support. Some are searching for circulation and compression, which is usually ideal for healing. If you are looking for ankle braces that not just provide stabilization but also support to the ligaments, choose the ones that feature straps and laces to fit the support you need.

In Conclusion

Ankles are one of the essential features in our body when it comes to sporting activities. An ankle sprain may look like an average problem, but you cannot go on with your everyday movement with pain in your ankles.

Whether you are an athlete or someone keen to keep your ankles pain-free, wearing an ankle compression sleeve or ankle braces will ensure protection, support, and healing to your ankles without a doubt.