Best Trail Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Running with the wrong shoes can cause plantar fasciitis, especially on rough terrains. Flimsy trainers that do not provide you good arch support can inflame, tear, and overstretch your plantar fascia. What you need are shoes that can give good arch support, gel cushions, and high response. We will walk you through these with our reviews of running shoes best for plantar fasciitis.

Our reviews are premium running shoes that offer you comfort and security for your condition, above all.  It can save you time to finding the best shoes suitable for plantar fasciitis. Some are pricey, but you will experience so much comfort and ease while running that you might not mind the cost.

We have background knowledge of plantar fasciitis’s severity when it’s not taken care of, especially concerning footwear. And with this awareness added with the love of running, we have tried and tested all the shoes to give you the best possible options. Please take a look at our following reviews to find the shoe you want.

Best Trail Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:

  1. Brooks Men’s Caldera 3
  2. Hoka One Men’s Speedgoat 3 Textile Synthetic Trainers
  3. New Balance Women’s Summit K.O.M. V1 Running Shoe
  4. Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Running
  5. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Two Boa
  6. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Runner
  7. Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes


Brooks Men’s Caldera 3 – Most Lightweight Trainers


There are those shoes that are best for trails and those that are for the roads. But what a right trail shoe should be able to accomplish is a smooth transition from the road to the track. And for such shifts to happen, you need shoes that are versatile, comfortable, and durable. The Brooks Men’s Caldera 3 trail shoes are one such type.

The Caldera 3 running shoes are significantly lightweight and cushioned than its previous models. Even though there is maximum cushioning in C3, its 4mm heel drop and natural rocker soles deliver a quick and dynamic foot strike. When you also want to run on Slickrock, rocky footings, mud, and roads- its 3mm lugs provide a great versatile tread.

The C3 has more aggressive traction and a stiff flex that complements its structure on rough terrains. Brooks has also redone the toe bumper from its previous model, so you’ll appreciate the room upfront, making it so much easier for lacing. The front gaiter attachment and the rear Velcro gaiter attachments are some of the little upgrades that make a massive difference for your plantar fasciitis.

C3s are, let’s say, user-friendly. Why? You’ll notice that it is more straightforward and has a consistent mesh pattern without any previously complicated overlays. This easy version of C3 makes them more breathable without being a pushover. The foothold of C3 is also excellent and comfortable, although it might not be very functional on overly technical trails at high speeds.

It is rare to have heel slippage when it has comfortable pads with heel collars and protective heel counters. Initially, when you wear them, you might feel that your foot does not mold well to the shoe but give it some wear time- you’ll find the issue works itself out. A city person who loves to go for trails? Brooks C3 is a must-try. You will also enjoy wearing them for work, racing, and midday run.


Hoka One Men’s Speedgoat 3 Textile Synthetic Trainers- Best Trainers for High Terrains.


You may or may not know facts about Hoka, but here’s one- it started with two veteran trail runners who needed shoes to aid them in faster downhill running. Now, that in itself is a testament to the passion and quality of Hoka trainers. When you go for trails, it is always a steep downhill that challenges your shoes for their worth. And what better trainers to have than a Hoka.

Hoka men’s Speedgoat 3 trainers follow its traditional thick and irregularly shaped traction soles with its name. The trainers are not flat bottomed or zero-drop but have a small difference (4mm) between the heel and toe that looks like rocking chairs. Its round shape motivates your gait and pushes you forward under all weather and terrain conditions.

Many people worry about overheat and bacteria growth in trainers, but you won’t even have to think about this as a problem. The upper construction of the Speedgoat 3 is a fully synthetic open mesh where air circulation is ample. As it is especially suitable during hot climates, it does not even get warm during winters.

Another feature that you’ll love is its midfoot T.P.U. (thermoplastic polyurethane) construction. Since it’s heat-treated, it provides resistance to elasticity, heat, cut, and grease. It also allows your feet to mold to the shoe without losing firmness or shape.

If you’re a consistent and regular trail runner, the Speedgoat 3 will not disappoint you. It is lightweight, grippy, and breathable and has enough midfoot lockdown for your safety. Plantar fasciitis is a long-term condition. Still, with ample cushioning in Speedgoat 3, you’ll love trailing every day.


New Balance Women’s Summit K.O.M. V1 Running Shoe – Best Trainers for Rough Terrains


Trails often lead to paths that have rough dirt, debris, wild grasses, rocks, and glass. This gives us a sane reason why you need running shoes or trainers that can withstand these rough terrains of nature. You can have comfortable cushion shoes. But if there are no essential features of strong tractions- you can end up with severe foot conditions or worsen them. And who doesn’t want to be the King/Queen of the Mountain (K.O.M)? Glad to present you the N.B. Women’s Summit KOM running shoes.

Sticking to its name- the shoe is built for varying terrains from the base to the summit. With the perfect mix of plush and responsive, you get good shock absorption. Flexibility-wise, it does not flex easily and has the right rigidity.

Moreover, its Vibram outsole delivers excellent multi-directional traction across varying environments. The Toe Protect forefoot barrier, and the ROCK STOP plate between the midsole and outsole will make water, mud, and snow impenetrable (protection not waterproof). The feature also guards your feet from impacts and sharp rocks.

Even with conditions like plantar fasciitis and knee aches, you will find it not aggravating the pain. It also has such firm anti-skip and grip soles to give you the confidence to walk on snow and ice. Though it might take some time to shed its rigidity, the KOM V1 shoes aim to comfort and stabilize the long run.

The Summit KOM running shoes are the best buy if you take trails on rough and rugged terrains. It gives you maximum protection and traction in any environment. If you love to go for long slow trails, they are the best running shoes to purchase. Sustainable for all weather conditions, you can wear them any season.


Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Running – Best Fit Trainers


Many times you might have had to sit down to put on your trainers or runners, mainly to handle an expensive shoe properly. And the shoes might also require your proper attention when putting them on. However, it could be so much better to slip them on without taking the effort. Well, luckily for you, the Salomon Speedcross 4 trainers offer a comfortable touch.

The Speedcross 4 shoes are Salomon’s fourth edition with exciting extras and upgrades. One of the main developments that will blow you is its outsole pattern. It gives you higher durability and more excellent traction. And whether you have narrow or wide feet, it doesn’t matter since you can practically get your right fit.

Even with problems like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon problems, you will find great comfort with its heel cup depth and excellent cushioning around the ankle. You do not have to bother yourself to do the laces as it features a secure toggle fastening.

There shouldn’t be any worries while running down rocky trails or grassy slopes as it has a sound grip system. With its stud design and right spacing, it also saves you the trouble of cleaning out clogged mud from the soles. Not only that, it is even water-resistant and abrasion-resistant- making them sweat-free and durable.

The arch support is fantastic because you do not have to fish out extra bucks to buy insoles. The OrthoLite sock liner for underfoot cushioning will make you feel like you’re walking on air. The wet 6mm traction lugs also allow safe and confident running even on a rainy day, and at the same time, injecting E.V.A. further safeguards your feet from shock absorption.

Sometimes you might not like the idea of having to break-in a shoe before getting better- then, the Speedcross 4 trainer shoes are your best buy. It is that comfortable and easy to wear. Additionally, it is also the best buy for you when chunky and clunky shoes are not your type due to its sleek design.


Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Two Boa – Best Breathable Trainer


Bigger the brand, the bigger the expectations. Trailing can become tougher if your shoes start rubbing off on your heels or you tumble for lack of grip. It can be the tiniest details of things, but you may lose motivation to make a consistent run if ignored. And Adidas sure does not spoil the fun. Whatever features a trainer would need to have for a healthy trail- the Terrex Two Boa seems to have it all.

The first thing you’ll notice right away is its internal volume space and how it perfectly laces up to an excellent fit. Your heel then sits adequately deep in the cushioned cup, avoiding wiggle room or slipping. Even on off-kilter trails, the mild counter with its density like cardboard keeps your heel in place.

Its breathable open mesh on the uppers keeps your feet cool and also quickly dries off when wet. Many trainers can cause toe bruises, too, but the Terrex Two Boa features a laminate overlay. It does not only protect your toes but also provides structure and stability in the midfoot area.

Adidas Terrex Two Boa is highly recommendable if you’re searching for trainers with quick-drying when wet. It is highly suitable for runners with wide forefeet. The Boa shoes have a ratchet lacing that works like a plug; this makes it incredibly easy to gear up for a long trail without any lacing hassles.


Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Runner – Best Trainer for All-Terrain Surfaces


Less is often more when we think of minimal design running shoes. In its trail glove models, Merrell achieves the balance of a shoe design that has adequate protection for trail running purposes on any surface type. Now, with the Trail Glove 4, Merrell continues to make improvements without affecting its barefoot design.

One improvement which you’ll welcome is its T.P.U overlays, a replacement from synthetic leather overlays. You also have more significant upper reinforcement that secures your foot properly with the five-piece lacing design on its medial side.

The Trail Glove 4 runners have optimal traction on various trail surfaces by its new stickier rubber and 3mm lugs TC5+ outsole.  Along with the Trail Protect Plate between the midsole and outsole, it delivers high protection. Your feet will thank you for keeping it safe from harm’s way.

The Trail Grove 4 shoes have a formal style that you can wear for casual occasions. It is a good buy for short and long-running distances if you are not a hardcore trail runner. The shoe is highly preferable for those who want thinner and breathable mesh.


Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes – Best Stable Trainer


Trail running often causes conditions like knee injuries, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and tendon injuries, amongst others, for runners. To avoid such injuries, you need to look for stable shoes on rough terrains with high traction and solid soles. Asics Gel-Venture 6 trainers do provide you an excellent running experience on muddy paths, rocky or hilly trails, and unpaved roads.

Gel-venture 6 trainers offer a rugged structure that is durable and tough- providing you with high performance. For runners with plantar fasciitis and other ortho conditions, its removable sock liner allows insertion for medical orthotics. With its sufficient cushioning, you can use them on trails as well as for simple work-outs without being too overbearing.

Moreover, with the split sections on the outsole, the shoe’s overall weight is kept very lightweight. And the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System prevents shocks on landing while also allowing for a quick transition. Forget about tripping on your laces while running- the lace garage lets you tuck away the lace ends. Additionally, the cleaning and maintenance are easy as it is machine washable.

The shoes are best for runners with a neutral gait. It delivers high performance without any added obstruction from dirt and gravel. It is the best choice for runners that look for high grip enhancement on various trail surfaces. Versatile in design, the Asics Gel Venture 6 is an all-rounder pair of trainers for runners with different preferences. Its midsoles provide fast stride turnover and hence are much suitable for serious runners.



To find the ideal shoes for plantar fasciitis, we recommend you first visit a doctor if you haven’t already; so that you can determine whether unsupportive shoes cause your plantar fasciitis. And if that’s the cause, consider your pressure points to give your feet the right leverage. And hopefully, you find your ‘solemate’ through our reviews!