Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees

As someone keen on running for long-distances, there is nothing as frustrating as a bad knee. Hence, getting our hands on the right pair of shoes does a great deal in alleviating the discomfort and pain. Your shoes need features to keep your feet supported and stable. Some can avoid bad knees with an extra-plush insole, while some may require an excellent shock-absorbing shoe.


We’ve carefully reviewed and tested some running shoes that are best for bad knee pain and have listed them below for your consideration. This list has some of the best running shoes that are affordable and effective in easing your knee pain.


Our reviews are put up only after complete testing. We did everything from taking them on long-distance runs, shorter jogs, sprints, and long walks to get the feel of their features. Hand-picked with you in mind, we have shortlisted the best running shoes for those who suffer from bad knees.

Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees:

  1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20
  2. Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 running shoes
  3. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe
  4. New Balance Women’s 990 V5 Sneaker
  5. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe
  6. Altra Women’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe
  7. Nike Women’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes


Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20 – Best long-distance running shoes


There are so many shoes out in the market, but all of them don’t make it comfortable and reliable for you. To make a good mile-long run every day, you need shoes built for it. And the Brooks women’s adrenaline GTS 20 is what you need. With its new modification that solves terrible knee pain, Brooks new GTS 20 is the running shoe every runner needs for their sportswear.

The GTS 20 has a midsole drop of 12mm featuring a ribbed textile at the Achilles dip for a better grip. If you’re someone with feet prone to aching quickly, the DNA foam with a medium cushion level is sure to give you a long smooth run.

It gets better…

You will love their new GuideRail wedge at the midsole area, supporting the under-arch part of your feet. The GuideRails essentially guides your feet to a neutral effect- pulling your foot to a neutral position if it either rolls too far inside or moves outward. In other words, the new GuideRails feature adds extra safety for your knees by keeping your foot movements in check.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 is the perfect running shoe for long-distance running. You can expect a responsive and springy stride with an extra lift of energized experience in the 20 models. Even with foot difficulties like a pronounced bunion or planters’ fasciitis, you will have supportive and durable rides with the GTS 20. There would also be no more lace biting problems with the new softer round laces in GTS 20.

And with its ingenious combo of BioMoGo DNA and softer DNA Loft foam pads, mesh design, GuideRails, and stretchable tubular laces- You don’t have to worry much about aching toes and knees. So, if you’ve been planning to go for a hike, starting a treadmill routine, or a cross-country road- try out the GTS 20 to keep your feet happy and comfortable.


Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 running shoes –  Best lightweight shoes

In order to get a good workout, first and foremost, you need comfortable shoes. To search for a pair of running shoes that addresses the comfortability and affordability aspects can be confusing. But with Asics new 25s, you might not have to look much further. Bouncing back from its previously not so successful models, the Gel-Kayano 25 has come back to take the mantle of its durable shoe title.

If you are high for bouncy rides, the FlyteFoam technology of the 25s with its super organic fibers does the job even on the longest runs by resisting the compression. The women’s 25s have an extra 3mm of midsole height, which will reduce the strain on your Achilles with their two-layer foams. The Lyte foam layer at the heel region helps in energy return and gives an extra bounce to the shoe. The second layer at the toe region aids in pushing you forward more efficiently. And you will find that the foam layers give a light feel on foot with good support and comfort. The shoe is suitable for both overpronators and neutral-footed runners.

You don’t have to worry about those slippery surfaces or grasses during your runs as the outsoles have firmer tread that’s 50% more durable than previous models. You also don’t have to think about not feeling comfortable after extended use because the 25s employ the SpevaFoam 45 Lasting to give you a 45-degree full-length soft platform feel.

With the Asics 25s, you will love the upgraded Impact Guidance System technology of the shoe that snugs in your feet comfortably. There is also enough room for your toes, so no more of those toe-curling pains while running. Moreover, the quality of the 25s is up to the mark that durability is no issue, save the normal wear and tear. Now, if you’re looking out for an excellent running shoe that is both therapeutic and lightweight, the Asics 25s should be the best bet for you.


New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe-The Best Everyday Trainers


Having a bad knee or osteoarthritis can make running more difficult. Therefore, you will need shoes that fit perfectly and give you comfort while running on roads or errands. On long runs, you might want to think about the moisture and sweat of your feet inside too. It isn’t a pleasant sight or smell. However, worry no more- for the New Balance Women’s 1080V10 running shoe is deservedly on fire among its hundreds of customers.

It is so much better when you can get running shoes that are both affordable and high-end feeling. The aesthetic patterns with its Hypoknit data-driven upper fit your feet like a glove throughout your gait cycle. Its 50% mesh and 50% synthetic, this design makes them flexible and stretchable.

It gets even better…

With its softer and responsive Fresh Foam X full-length midsole, there is no heaviness when you run- which so often happens on super squishy soft foams. No more worries about blisters on your Achilles as it has a high heel, which helps avoid blistering and rubbing.

Now, many shoes cause heel slippage. But not with this one- New Balance has sorted it out by introducing the Ultra Heel Design that sticks to the back foot for a soft, supportive, and better snug fit. It also has an Ortholite cushion insert controlling the moisture.

Having a midsole drop of 8mm and weighing 9.9 ounces- it is one of the best everyday trainers if you’re looking out for one. New Balance 1080v10 is here to stay for long, and you’ll love that it has got your foot back and does not leave you on heel slippage. No more limping, only running!


New Balance Women’s 990 V5 Sneaker – Perfect Everyday Sneakers

When buying sneakers, for most people with bad knees, any high fashion ones do not necessarily meet the needs. It can be challenging when you adore sneakers but have knee issues. So, you might probably lookout for running shoes that caters to orthopedic conditions. So, no options for sneakers? Well, there’s no need for disappointment- the NB 990 V5 sneaker is all you can ask for.

Spanning over three decades, NB does not disappoint you in either its quality or aesthetic appeal. Moreover, with its adjustable bungee closure, you will have no fuss over last-minute lacings. The 990v5 outer sole is full rubber, which makes you appreciate its durability and traction. Its upper design with only the N logo and no-sews gives a cool and stylish modern look for you to flaunt too- photo-op much? Though it’s mostly a running shoe, it is more popular as an everyday lifestyle shoe.

Recommended by physicians, these sneakers are best suited for plantar fasciitis. And it fits even on customized orthotics and over-the-counter inserts. Soon you’ll appreciate its perfect blend of cushioning and stability design. Thanks to that, it makes you feel good and makes you look good as well. The 990v5 might be a bit pricey but once you’ve worn it, trust me, every penny you spent will be worth it.


Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe – Most durable and affordable


No matter what, a good bargain is the best feeling you can have. Even if you have to be on a tight budget for a running shoe, there can be no excuse not to do some research to find a good one. A breathable and stable shoe is essential even when buying on a budget. Without this do-it-all attitude, there is no point in searching for a running shoe. Saucony has, fortunately, come up with its Cohesion 10 running shoes that meet the needs for long-running as well as your pocket.

The Cohesion 10 model features its heel grid system to provide your feet with stable cushioning. Also, it gives a cushioned underfoot ride with its injection-molded EVA midsoles. If you have worries about its fit and breathability, you’re in for a pleasant surprise given its lower price. It fits perfectly even for narrower heels. And its design is so durable that you’d have no problems accommodating your toes comfortably without any comprises to the rest of the feet.

Moreover, you’d also love this running shoes as it not only keeps your knee pain away but helps even for back pain problems. The spacious room for toes, as well as heels, is fantastic for its price. It is, even more superior to other pricier brands in its arch and side support designs. So, whether you have a torn tendon or bad knee aches on standing for long hours- Saucony’s Cohesion 10 running shoes with their proper drop and fit keep you pain-free. The Cohesion 10 model overall gives you the best of both worlds in terms of design and price.


Altra Women’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe – Most Comfortable Running Shoes


There’s always new this and new that kinds of shoes advertised for marathons. For you to run such long-distances- shoes should be supportive, comfortable, and stable. Often, you might end up with numbness in your feet, toenails that turn black, or bad knee aches. And this makes running long distances painful. Most of these problems often get worse by lousy quality shoes. Therefore, Altra had to revamp its previous models to offer solutions. And revamp they did!

Stripping off its Strobel layer and replacing it with Quantic from its traditional EVA midsole- the Torin 4 is more lightweight and responsive. Also, for runners with a wide toe and narrower heel, it is the perfect fit.

Still not convinced…

Laces might be lengthy, but it compensates more than enough with its new padded heel collar and external heel counter. These modifications provide you with ankle security and stability. You will have to bend your back no longer to slip your heel into the shoe with its FootPod technology preventing any slippage. You will like how easy and comfortable it is to run on gravel, wet roads, and groomed trails.

If you suffer from conditions like Morton’s Neuroma, calf fatigues, sesamoiditis, and hammertoe besides bad knees, you won’t regret buying it. The Torin 4 shoe model has zero drops and a foot-shaped toe box, which controls any knee and foot pain. It is also the best option to go for any speedwork- thanks to its flat racing feel and squishy cushioning.


Nike Women’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes – Best Speedwork Running Shoes


When you think of the perfect running shoes, you probably see one that does the best job on a run. But to buy an expensive pair of shoes, it is only fair that they look good on you with everything, at any time anywhere. The famed brand Nike has delivered that to you with its Epic React Flyknit running shoes.


This running shoe is versatile in the structure; you will love how easily you can wear them for running, working errands, workouts, and or more stylish and appealing looks. Besides being lightweight and springy, you can make them shine on sprint races.

You can count on Epic React to give you the bounciness as you move through the gait cycle. And as you are on the run, you’ll notice that it delivers a balanced level of flexibility. The midsole’s elasticity moves well with the foot creating smooth transitions. Simultaneously, the underfoot experience has the right amount of flexibility to deliver a smooth ride. You will never have to experience slappy strides with it.

For extended wear without a tear, Nike’s Epic React is the one to get. With their single Nike Flyknit upper construction- it is adaptable, stretchable, comfortable, and provides a secure fit. Finally, if you’re looking to buy the right running shoe for speedwork, you need to try Nike’s Epic React shoes.

Wrapping Up

We have done our best to give you the review for the best quality running shoes as well as tips to guide you in finding the right pair for your needs. So before anything else, know what is causing your knee pain. After that, follow up with a good pair of shoes that will not aggravate your knee pain, and find the best shoe for them here shouldn’t be hard.

Remember that most shoes have similar features with some exceptions, so we recommend looking up specifics that solve your issues. Because in the end, only you can tell what might or might not work for you.