Why Running is the Perfect Sport

In life, one of the most important things we can do is stay in shape. The better shape we are in, broadly speaking, the higher quality of life (and longer-lasting life) we will live. The problem that most of us find is that exercise is dull, and most sports are challenging enough to dissuade us from playing. I’ve been there myself—trying to work out the best way to stay in shape.

I suck at soccer, I’m too short for basketball, and I’m definitely not a good fighter, so the majority of sports I like, I cannot do. If you are in the same position, I have one simple alternative: running.

Running is the single most powerful sport for me, and I think it could be the same for you. What makes running the perfect sport, though? Why do I recommend it to anyone who asks me how to keep in shape to get into running?

Why is Running the Perfect Sport?

  • Well, for one, the only equipment you need is comfy clothing, a pair of bouncy running shoes, some terrain, and a pair of legs. If you have all of this, you can go out running more or less whenever you like.
  • While some might tell you that you need your smartwatch and all the assets and analysis in the world, I don’t agree. Sure, you can make it even more professional and competitively intensive by treating running this way—but to start off with, just enjoy getting into the habit of going for a run first and foremost!
  • Running isn’t like other sports, either, where you need to stop at a decent age. You can run with just about any kind of body—prosthetics included—and you can enjoy running well into your senior years. Sure, you’ll slow down—I’m sure I will, too—but there is no limit as to when you can or cannot keep running. The days of being seen as a ‘youngster’ sport is long gone!
  • This removes that fear of contact sport doing damage that you cannot afford. I can’t afford to break my leg playing soccer and miss months of work, but I can afford to take the comparatively minimal risk of being hurt when out and about running. Any injuries sustained are often minor and easily avoided with a touch of extra concentration and situational awareness.
  • You’ll likely sleep better, you’ll find it easy to run with others and maintain social contact and you can easily competitive without it becoming petty or childish. As such, running is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to make the most of their needs for fitness.

I was lucky enough to get into running and soon found it to be the ideal sport for me. It never made me feel awful for not being pro-level good, and it’s intense enough to help me and my group of friends go out running together, have a good time, and feel the benefit of all that extra exercise we were doing.

If you are looking for a sport that you can enjoy, then, it’s running – believe me!

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